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I don’t know about you, but I like looking at (and buying) weird crap.  And around the office and in my family I’m known for giving out cool gifts.  Well, that’s how I prefer to think of it anyways.  Not so sure everyone else feels the same.  But that is their problem, not mine.

Another thing I’m known for is gags and pranks around the office.  I of course am careful who I pull these pranks on since not everyone has the same warped sense of humor as I do.

One other thing I failed to mention.  I don’t like to spend a lot of money needlessly.  For sure I have no problem dropping a few thousand on a new flat screen or an awesome new monitor array for my computer but I fail to see the point of spending tons of money on a gag gift or stocking stuffers for the family.

You can find most of the stuff I will list here on Amazon but I have a couple of good sites bookmarked that I like to go back to since they’ve already done the hunting for me and usually have a good assortment of neat gift ideas.  Not to mention pranks and gags.  I really like Ten Buck Gifts a lot since – as the name implies – all their gift listings are ten dollars or less.  For a cheapskate like me, this site is like heaven.

Fuck It Button

Fuck It Button

This is just like the Staples ‘easy’ button that we’ve all seen around.  But instead of a nice, calm button that is just plain boring – this one cuts right to the chase.  I’ll be the first to tell you that this won’t fit in every office environment but then again if you’re in one of those I feel just plain sorry for you.  But seriously, I bought one of these for my boss and he freaking LOVES it!  It is front and center on his desk at all times unless he has important (and uptight) clients in for a meeting.  But after that, it is straight back out.

The gift didn’t quite get me a promotion or a raise (yet) but one or two more charmers like this and I’ll be on my way!

For $10 this is a gift that just keeps giving.  Check out the Fuck It button here.



Plasma Ball USBPlasma Ball – USB

A fun gift that almost any geek (and who reading this site isn’t??).  This was another gift I was going to get for my boss but realized I needed to stop buying him crap for on top of his desk or he’d have to get a bigger office.  And I have my sights set on that one once ol’ Patterson retires.

This thing is not the best quality in the world.  But it works great.  And it is only $10.  So really, do you want to spend more than that on a novelty item?  I sure as heck don’t.

The ball is about 4 or 5 inches in diameter so not huge but perfect for the corner of your desk – doesn’t take up much room.  And it’s powered either by USB or by 3 AAA batteries.

It’s just a fun novelty item and if you have someone in mind for it, it is a bargain for the price.

Check out the Plasma Ball.

USB stick hidden cameraUSB Stick Hidden Camera

Just for fun or for more serious spying purposes, this is one pretty slick unit for under ten dollars.  This camera can record video at 720 x 480 so not High Def but for the price it is pretty darn close to it.  It has a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t have to be in a computer to work and uses a Micro SD card for storage – something that most of us have kicking around.

Did I mention that it does still photos at 1280 x 1024 resolution?

You’re not going to get camera quality like a Nikon SLR out of this, but it works and it is fun.  I love experimenting with new toys and for me this was one of them.  It’s a little tricky to get used to using since the instructions were clearly written in Chinese and translated with Google but it’s not really that hard and is fun to play with for a while.

Another ‘toy’ well worth the money.

Check out the USB stick hidden camera

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